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How to overcome Car Park Ventilation challenges when using Security Shutters?

When choosing a security roller shutter for a car park, the level of security needed is likely to be the main focus but car park ventilation should also be considered. The very nature of why we decide we need to invest in security roller shutters in a car park is to keep cars safe. One factor that is sometimes overlooked is making sure that the shutters allow the car park to receive enough ventilation.

Why is Car Park ventilation important?

Day-to-day ventilation is needed to control build up of vehicle exhaust fumes. With constant vehicle movements in car parks, there is a high level of heat and fumes which must be extracted. This in itself can bring challenges to fire plans.

car park ventilation

How can LPS 1175 SR2 & SR3 Security Shutters help with ventilation?

To ensure that safety and design are not compromised, choose the Obexion LPS 1175 SR2 or SR3 to fulfil your shutter roller and car park ventilation needs. Obexion differs from its competitors as typically to meet this standard of security, solid shutter curtains are used, which provide no means of ventilation. Obexion have listened to their customers and carefully designed the only ventilated shutter system certified to SR2 and SR3 on the market, that stills leaves approximately 20% of the shutter’s area free for ventilation.

The Obexion car park shutters do not trade-off safety to achieve airflow into the car park. The very nature of LPS 1175 accredited shutters means that products certified to this level provide resistance to attempts of forced entry, using either bodily physical force and a range of hand tools, such as bolt cutters and drills.

If you would like to find out more about how to assess what security rating you need, download our free guide on security roller shutters or research information on our Car Park Security Shutters.

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