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CHARTER GLOBAL announce the launch of the FIRST EVER SR5 Security Rated Shutter.

With heightened levels of security across Europe, Charter Global, manufacturers of the Obexion LPS 1175 range of security shutters have raised the bar in terms of security by introducing the first ever SR5 shutter.

The ‘Obexion MD SR5’ is certified to LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR5 and is designed to provide the highest level of security available for high-risk locations such as Critical National Infrastructure, Military and National Security establishments as well as high value public and commercial premises. SR5 Shutter High Security from Obexion The SR5 security roller shutter is designed to protect against a sustained and professional attempt to gain entry using a range of handheld performance power tools for extended periods of time. To achieve this exceptional level of security rating, the shutters have to withstand a total attack time of 10 minutes using various high-performance power tools including an 18v reciprocating saw and an angle grinder. Obexion’s unique “Lockdown” technology means the SR5 shutter requires no auxiliary locking system and the unique ‘profiles’ lock the shutters in any stop position, fully closed or not. This means the rollershutters cannot be forced open to gain entry, making them ideal as a first point of entry for any facility.

The SR5 shutter can be installed onto re-enforced concrete and structural steelwork but its lightweight construction also means it can be installed on buildings of cultural and historic interest. The shutters are motorised to allow controlled ascent and descent with either a 240v/415v motor depending on aperture size and/or duty cycle. There is a full range of controls including push button, key, radio control or it can be integrated into building management systems and third party alarms. Electronic monitoring and alarm are available as options for higher risk environments. Charter Global’s Managing Director, Roger Humphreys said “With the certification of Obexion to LPS 1175 level 5, and with a continuing program of product development and testing, we have established a new benchmark for the security shutter market and are committed to further build on this success. We will continue to listen to our customers and develop products that meet developing risks and changing environments”.

To find out more about security roller shutters and SR standards, why not take a look at our useful guide? Alternatively, give us a call on: 0845 050 8705

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