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High Security Shutter Solution to Water Pumping Station

Obexion faced the challenge of fitting a high security shutter solution to a water pumping station

As water companies work towards the security requirements detailed in the latest AMP, a number of old and listed buildings require a special high security shutter solution to ensure they meet the specified security level. Fitting rolling security shutters into a water pumping station brings challenges, so Obexion were called in to assist in the design and installation of the roll down security shutters. 

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The Victorian Grade 2 listed water borehole building carried particular historic interest in the engine house where there are glazed brown and green bricks for the first 2m of wall, which were protected by English Heritage from any drilling or damage. The brickwork for the whole building was of limited structural capacity and a very heavy high security shutter solution was not suitable. In addition, the client required visibility thought he shutter as well as the security specified through the security upgrade programme.


Working closely with the client and fulfilment contractor, the Obexion shutter for this water borehole building was designed to be installed to specialist steelwork that did not require fixing to the brickwork for the first 2m above FFL, protecting the glazed bricks. The intelligently designed Obexion shutter range is an all-aluminium system, which, despite the security level required, maintains a much lower shutter weight than industry norms. This meant that the shutter could operate using a tubular motor and that the whole lightweight shutter system could be installed to the original brickwork, above the protected glazed brickwork. The aluminium Obexion Shutters require a much smaller rolling zone, reducing the visual impact of the shutter on any property.


The Obexion shutters carry within the range the highest performing security shutter with perforated shutter lath – certified to LPS1175, Issue 7, SR2 – providing the necessary visibility through the shutter without compromising on the security. The lightweight construction of the Obexion system and the compact nature of the product range ensured a seamless installation to a potentially challenging site, providing complete security for the water borehole building.

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