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High Security Shutters for Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries are responsible for the protection of international treasures and antiques. Few buildings have such cultural importance as these, so as expected protecting these important locations and their collections can become quite complex. Numerous layers of security are essential for protecting against would-be-thieves. High security shutters for museums and galleries are a great choice. 


high security shutters for museums and galleriesBut what exactly should you be looking for when choosing high security shutters for Museums and Galleries?

  • Be sure to look out for a solution that provides high security, without compromising on aesthetics. A shutter that can be discreet during the premises opening hours will ensure it doesn’t look uninviting to the public.
  • Check that the shutters you’re buying can interface with other, third-party systems, which can cater to location-specific risks.
  • Older shutter systems can be left in unsecured positions if they’re mishandled. Make sure you’re investing in a modern system, which can’t be compromised by user error.
  • Having shutters that can be operated from either inside or outside the building mean that they can still be used as the first point of entry for staff. Accessibility can by further improved with a remote access system.
  • Modern, aluminium-made shutters allow for bespoke finishes, ensuring a low visual impact of the shutter on the building.
  • In regards to essential specifications, always look for security shutters that are independently tested to LPS 1175, Issue 7 security standards. For high security shutters for museums and galleries, it’s likely that you’ll need the best protection available. SR4 or SR5 rated security shutters are most applicable. 

high security shutters for museums and galleries

Obexion’s security roller shutters by Charter Global meet all of these essential requirements and more. Their unique, LockDown technology ensures the shutters are never left in an unsecured position through user error. As the security roller shutter is made from aluminium, they’re also a low weight solution. This is ideal for installing in existing buildings without additional steel support structures. All of our security shutters are certified to LPS 1175.

If you’d like to speak to our experienced team about a security roller shutter for your premises, or if you aren’t sure about what security rating your shutters need to be; you can contact us here, or by phone on: 0845 050 8705. For more information about recommended security levels and high security shutters for museums and galleries, follow the link below to download our helpful guide on the subject. 


guide to retail security shutters

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