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Measurable Security for Retail

Regardless of the type of retail outlet you’re protecting, whether it’s a single site or multiple locations; measurable, certified security guarantees defence against specified tools, attack types and durations. Measurable security for retail is a topic we often get asked about, and how our products fit in to this. 

If you’re new to the security shutter industry you’ll have likely come across a few acronyms and references to shutter standards, but understanding what they mean is an important step in choosing an appropriate product.


Measurable Security for Retail


Arguably, the most important of these acronyms is ‘SR’, or ‘Security Rating.’

The SR rating of a shutter denotes its performance in the nationally recognised LPS (Loss Prevention Standard) 1175 test, which assesses a shutter’s security against break-ins using specific attack tools for set durations. All of our security shutter solutions are certified to LPS 1175. 

So, for example, if you’re looking to secure a Supermarket, POS display, or Kiosk, you’ll likely require a security shutter rated SR2 or SR3. These are perfectly suited to low-medium commercial risk applications, providing resistance against bodily physical force and a range of hand tools (including those that create noise). 

High-value independent stores (like jewellers) however, might require an SR4 rated shutter, to secure against greater commercial risks. Shutters rated to this standard are used for protecting against determined, experienced attempts at forced entry using tools with a greater mechanical advantage. 


Measurable Security for Retail


Measurable security for retail is especially important for multi-site managers who are looking for consistent protection across several locations. So determining what type of shutter is best for your premises is paramount.

To help retail owners and site managers determine the best secure roller shutter solution for their premises, we’ve produced a completely free, detailed guide on ‘Security Shutters For Retail. ‘

It covers everything from the type of premises you’re protecting, to everyday operational considerations you may not have thought of. You can download your free copy here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to the experienced team here at Obexion about secure shutter solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us a message via the contact page or call us directly on 0845 050 8705.


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