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Obexion Car Park Shutter

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The Obexion Car Park security shutter is the only ventilated security shutter certified to LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR2 rating, maintaining approximately 20% free area through the shutter.

The perfect solution to the common problem of providing an effective measured security solution whilst meeting the requirements for ventilation and airflow. The Obexion ventilated security shutter system included the unique LockDown technology, which ensures the shutter cannot be left in an insecure position through user misuse – ideal for areas where the public are operating the shutter.

In addition to the security and ventilation requirements, the shutters can be controlled via a number of different methods depending on user requirements and utilise a high duty cycle motor to cater for the frequent use of the shutters throughout the day.

LPCB Secure Roller ShuttersSecure by design secure roller shutters

Product Details

  • Brickwork/ concrete blockwork
  • Steelwork
  • Maximum attack time, minutes: 5
  • Maximum test duration, minutes: 20

Tool Category A

  • 1 Cable cutter – 150 mm long
  • Fishing line (e.g. polypropylene multi fibre)
  • Flexible plastic coupon
  • 1 Glass cutter
  • Hexagon wrenches – selection 120 mm longHooks
  • 1 Knife – blade 125 mm long x 3 mm thick
  • 1 Lever – 0.7 kg/300 mm long
  • Pliers (including self gripping) – selection 200 mm long
  • Punches Rope 1 Screwdriver – 6.5 mm diameter/square x 150 mm long
  • Spanners – selection 150 mm long
  • Tweezers
  • Wire
  • Wood/plastic wedges

Tool Category B

  • 1 Axe -350 mm long/1.5kg
  • Bolt cutter – 400mm long
  • 1 Brick bolsters -250mm long x 75 mm wide blade
  • 1 Cold chisel -250 mm long x 25 mm wide blade
  • 1 Crowbar -700mm long/2.5kg 1 Drill (cordless with rotary action only) -7.2 V d.c with spare power pack
  • 1 Drill bit (10 mm diameter jobber -HSS/HSCO/Carbide)
  • Fluorocarbon based freeze spray
  • 1 Gas torch (Butane/Propane)
  • 1 Hacksaw plus 2 HSS blades
  • 1 Hammer – 400mm long/1.5 kg
  • 1 Pad saw plus 2 HSS blades
  • 1 Scissor jack -750 kg capacity, 100 mm minimum retracted, 200 mm stroke
  • Wood chisels-250 mm long x 25 mm wide blade

Polyester Powder Coat Finish

Designed for external use, polyester powder coating offers the widest choice of colours available. We can also offer finishes in matt, satin and gloss. The most characteristic feature of polyester powder coatings is the excellent colour and gloss retention in outdoor exposure, where UV stability and weather resistance is required. Standard coatings are to a 25 micron thickness, with a marine grade thickness is available for coastal areas. Anti-graffiti option is available on most colours.

Anodized Finish

Providing a metallic and contemporary finish, Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. As the finish is not applied to the surface, like polyester powder coating, but fully integrated with the underlying aluminium shutter curtain, it cannot chip or peel. This provides a very durable, attractive finish that requires minimum maintenance.



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