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Obexion SR5 Shutter

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SR5 at SCTX 2016 SR5 at SCTX 2016
SR5 at SCTX 2016 SR5 at SCTX 2016


The security that the Obexion SR5 shutter offers is a dramatic increase to that of the Obexion SR4 security shutter. The addition of the 18V Reciprocating saw and 18V power for all the electric tools, requires far greater resistance during the 10-minute attack time than the LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR4 security level. The Obexion SR5 shutter range is designed to protect against a sustained and professional means of attempting entry using an extended range of hand and performance power tools.

Incorporating the LockDown technology, unique to the Obexion range of security shutters, the Obexion SR5 requires no auxiliary locking to maintain the security rating. This ensures the shutter is never left in an insecure position and in addition, facilitating operation of the shutter as a first point of entry, which would be otherwise impossible.

Designed to protect sites of extreme sensitivity, risk or national importance.

LPCB Secure Roller Shutters Secure by design secure roller shutters

Product Details

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Steelwork
  • Maximum attack time, minutes: 10
  • Maximum test duration, minutes: 30

Tool Category A, Tool Category B – See SR2 Test Tools – plus

Tool Category C – See SR3 Test Tools – plus

Tool Category D – See SR4 Test Tools – plus

Tool Category D+ 

  • 1 Reciprocating saw – 18 V d.c. with 3 HSS / HSCO / Carbide blades, with one spare power pack
  • 1 Jigsaw, cordless – 18 V d.c. with 3 HSS / HSCO \ Carbide blades, complete with one spare power pack
  • 1 Circular saw, cordless – 18 V d.v./ 200mm with 3 blades
  • 1 Disc grinder, cordless – 18 V d.c. with 3 cuttering discs, with one spare power pack
  • 1 Drill, cordless with rotary action only – 18 V d.c. with one spare power pack
  • 5 Drill bits (13mm diameter jobber – HSS / HSCO / Carbide)
  • 1 Felling/fire axe – 850mm long / 3 kg
  • 1 Hooligan bar – 760mm long
  • 1 Sledgehammer – 900mm long /3 kg
  • 1 ‘A-tool@ lock puller – 500mm long
  • 1 Bolt cutters – 500mm long
  • 1 General purpose saw – 750mm long
  • 1 Hole saw – 50mm diameter
  • 1 ‘K-tool’ lock remover
  • 1 Plate shears – 300mm long
  • Steel wedges – 150mm long
  • 1 Tube – 75mm diameter x 500mm long

Polyester Powder Coat Finish

Designed for external use, polyester powder coating offers the widest choice of colours available. We can also offer finishes in matt, satin and gloss. The most characteristic feature of polyester powder coatings is the excellent colour and gloss retention in outdoor exposure, where UV stability and weather resistance is required. Standard coatings are to a 25 micron thickness, with a marine grade thickness is available for coastal areas. Anti-graffiti option is available on most colours.

Anodized Finish

Providing a metallic and contemporary finish, Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. As the finish is not applied to the surface, like polyester powder coating, but fully integrated with the underlying aluminium shutter curtain, it cannot chip or peel. This provides a very durable, attractive finish that requires minimum maintenance.

CHARTER GLOBAL announce the launch of the FIRST EVER SR5 Security Rated Shutter.

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