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Retail Security Shutters – Everyday Considerations

If you’ve been looking into fitting a security shutter for your retail premises, your primary concern is likely to have been the shutters’ defensive capabilities. This is certainly a logical starting point, but there’s a lot more to consider when purchasing a shutter than just its integrity. Retail security shutters need to be more than just protective. They need to be functional, and they need to suit your business’ daily needs without being obtrusive.

Points to consider when thinking about installing retail security shutters

The following points are some day-to-day operational considerations, which you may not yet have thought of.

retail security shutters

  • Consider whether or not you need your shutter to interface with other, third-party security systems. This will be necessary if your premises has a monitored alarm system, or if you have an employee-specific access system in place.
  • Older shutter systems can be left in unsecured positions if they’re mishandled. Make sure you’re looking for a modern system, which can’t be compromised simply by user error.
  • Discretion is essential for those in a customer-facing sector. Unattractive, invasive shutters will detract from the look of your storefront and impact on your brand. So if aesthetics are important, be sure to look for shutters that can be discreetly rolled away when not in use.
  • Typically, your storefront will also be your first point of entry for staff. So your shutter will need to be easy to operate, and accessible from both inside and outside the store. Perhaps you even need a remote access system, to further improve accessibility.

Through close coordination with major national store chains and buying groups, Obexion shutters have been adapted to suit specific risks for different retail stores. This flexibility in specification and industry experience ensures Obexion’s retail security shutters provide optimal security for any environment.


Our shutters meet all essential security requirements and provide much more. Their unique, LockDown technology ensures the shutters are never left in an unsecured position through user error. And as they’re made from aluminium, they’re also a low weight solution, ideal for discreet installation onto existing buildings. All of our security shutter solutions are also certified to LPS 1175.

To help retail owners and site managers choose the best secure roller shutter solution for their premises, we’ve produced a free guide, specifically on ‘Security Shutters For Retail. ‘

It covers everything from the type of premises you’re protecting, to everyday operational considerations like these. You can download your free copy here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to the experienced team here at Obexion about a security shutter, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us a message via the contact page or call us directly on 0845 050 8705.

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