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Research & Development

Since the company started in 2004, product innovation through security shutter research has been at the heart of the growth of the company. Success stories include the only security shutters without any auxiliary locking for LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR3, SR4 and SR5, and the most secure certified perforated shutter lath, to LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR2.

The Obexion range also includes the only shutters successfully tested and certified to LPS1175, Issue 7, Security Rating 5, testament to the innovation and dedication of the product development team.

The research and development team consistently work to improve the product range as markets develop, attack methods change and threat levels are updated. With a very close-knit development team including members from each department throughout the company Charter Global are able to their build on its wide range of certified products to respond to specific threat levels – such as the Obexion shutters that resist unique power tools, blast or ram attacks

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