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Security Shutters For Retail – A Guide

Adequate protection for your premises, regardless of your industry, should be a primary concern for any responsible site manager. Those in retail however, should be especially aware of the regularity of opportunist attacks, vandalism, and attempted break-ins that threaten property in their sector. Determining what the most appropriate form of security for a retail premises is something that should be given a lot of thought. CCTV offers a great visual deterrent, however, doesn’t provide any physical protection from an attack on a retail premises. Security shutters for retail, on the other hand, are both a visual deterrent and offer actual physical protection. 

As such, choosing the right secure roller shutters for retail outlets is essential to their protection. But what exactly constitutes the right shutter for a retailer?

Security Shutters For Retail – A Guide

Security Shutters for retail guide

Here at Obexion we understand the needs of our retail clients, from the smallest independent trader, to the largest multi-site corporation. So to help choose the best shutter for your project, we’ve produced a completely free guide purely on security shutters for retail.

It includes all the essential information you need to make an informed decision, from the importance of measurable security, to daily considerations and add-ons.

We’ve even included a handy buyer’s checklist to use when approaching a prospective supplier, to make sure you’re asking all the right questions for complete peace of mind.

Whether you’re installing shutters onto existing premises, or are in the process of gaining planning permission for a whole new build, our guide will help you to identify your requirements and ensure you’re purchasing exactly what you need. It’s completely free and you can download your copy here.

Additionally, for a more detailed look at SR ratings and their importance to your business, we’d recommend taking a look at our guide to SR ratings. Please also note that all of our security shutters are certified to LPS 1175. 

If you’d like to speak to our experienced team about a security roller shutter for your premises, or if you aren’t sure about what type of shutter you need, you can contact us here, or by phone on 0845 050 8705.

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