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SR4 Roller Shutters for High-Security Depot

High-security commercial buildings can be challenging to secure, as aesthetics play an important part in the final result. So, both planners and residents are key in how a development fits into the environment. Often, the client has to maintain a high level of security to protect an asset from unexpected attacks.

The Obexion range of shutters provides the best of both worlds: aesthetics and security. As well as meeting architectural requirements, this new build commercial project had to conform to a corporate security standard, which included securing the outside fabric of the building to LPS 1175, using SR4 roller shutters. 

Working closely with the project architect and main contractor, the Obexion shutter range met the needs of both the client and planners. The intelligently designed Obexion shutter range is an all-aluminium system, which, despite the security level achieved maintains a much lower shutter weight than the industry norm. This meant that the shutter could operate using minimum motor sizes and that the whole lightweight shutter system could be installed to the main framework of the building. Additionally, due to the Keyless LockDown feature no auxiliary locks were required, reducing key handling issues and ensuring the building cannot be left insecure due to incomplete locking procedures.

The Obexion shutters carry within the range the highest performing security shutter certified to LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR5 – providing all necessary security. The lightweight construction of the Obexion system and the compact nature of the product range, ensured a seamless installation to a potentially challenging site. Additionally, the Obexion team were asked to conceal another shutter system in the cavity wall of the offices. This was completed using the Built-in range from Charter.

Features of Our SR4 Roller Shutters

    • Non-contact safety system
    • Heavy duty motor with inverter control
    • LPS1175 SR4 Security Rated
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