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What is the Right Secure Roller Shutter For Me?

How do I decide what the correct secure roller shutter is for my business premises? 

When choosing the right secure roller shutter for your premises, the nature of the premises itself is an incredibly important factor.

It may be the case that installing shutters of a certain SR or ‘Security Rating’ is an important legal requirement. This can be especially true if the premises is one of national importance, or is considered ‘critical infrastructure.’

Alternatively, if you’re a smaller operation in a relatively secure location, you may only need a product that offers light defence. Remember that the SR rating of your chosen shutter should reflect the nature of your operations. All of our security shutters are certified to LPS 1175.

Let’s look at some typical premises types, and see what considerations they may need to make, to decide on an appropriately certified security shutter.secure roller shutter

Retail Outlets

The appropriate level of defence for a retail outlet depends heavily on its location and the value of its products. Those located within shopping centres with exterior security may only need a very low SR rated shutter. Those on high streets or in more vulnerable locations, however, will require adequate protection against vandalism or potential break-ins. For premises like this, we’d typically recommend an SR2 or SR3 rated shutter.

Critical Infrastructure

Locations of national importance or those that offer critical services tend to have their security requirements specified for them. In fact, if the location is part of a governmental network, high SR protection will likely be a legal requirement. These sorts of operations will tend to need SR3 or above.

Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries will need high security rated shutters for insurance purposes and governmental indemnification. Discretion is also a factor in these locations though, so finding a shutter that can be concealed effectively is also key. Buildings like this tend to require SR3 rated shutters or higher.

Being able to accurately identify the nature of your business is a key part of choosing an appropriate SR rated shutters. But there are a number of other influencing factors to consider.IMG_4595

Here at Obexion, we’ve published a completely free e-guide to choosing the right secure roller shutter for your project or premises.

It covers all essential variables you should consider, from your sector to the physical location and the nature of what you’re protecting. There’s even information on additional functionality you may not have considered.

You can download your copy for free, here.


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