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Car Park Redevelopment Project Receives Intelligent Security

Why a ventilated security shutter was the perfect choice for this project

Originally, this site started life as a Victorian workhouse, before being incorporated into a hospital. The site has now been redeveloped, and now provides 396 accommodation units within walking distance of Romford town centre. The development included a secure car park for the residents, primarily NHS key workers and local nurses, but also to the local community. A review of the site by Secured by Design officers highlighted the need for a Secured by Design ventilated security shutter in the car park, which also had to remain accessible the residents. 


As with all underground car parks, ventilation and airflow are required to control carbon monoxide build-up through exhaust fumes. Outlined in Part F building regulations the ventilation requirements for car parks above ground level should meet three air changes per hour (ach) when combined with natural ventilation, such as through the security shutters. This requirement for ventilation often conflicts with the need for security to the car park entrance. The Secured by Design (SBD) Architectural Liaison Officer (ALO) specified an SBD approved roller shutter certified to LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR2 to the openings. In order to meet this security requirement the majority of security shutters are only available with a solid shutter curtain, therefore providing no means of ventilation.


The Obexion SR2 security shutter is the only ventilated security shutter certified to LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR2 rating, maintaining approximately 20% free area through the shutter. Working with the developer and the design team the Obexion SR2 Car Park shutter was the perfect solution to the common problem of providing an effective measured security solution whilst meeting the requirements for ventilation and airflow. The Obexion ventilated security shutter system included the unique Lockdown technology, which ensures the shutter cannot be left in an insecure position through user misuse – ideal for areas such as with this project where the public are operating the shutter. In addition to the security and ventilation requirements, the shutters are controlled via remote control units given to each resident and utilise a high duty cycle motor to cater for the frequent use of the shutters throughout the day.


The final specification of the Obexion SR2 ventilated security shutter met the requirements of all parties involved in the build, without any compromise on either the security or the ventilation requirements. Following the completion of the project the service and maintenance package for the Obexion shutters guarantees the continued smooth running of the shutters on an ongoing basis and ensures the legal requirements for shutter maintenance are fully up to date.


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